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d:istinkt wins WOTD at the CSS Design Awards

Badger wins a CSS Design Award for the website development of

LaserNetUs Website Launch

LaserNetUs has a new brand identity and website designed by BADGER. The homepage is dynamic and eye-catching. The website aims to highlight the innovative nature of high-intensity laser technology.

5 Davey Awards for Badger

BADGER celebrates 5 awards at the 2021 Annual Davey Awards, a prestigious website design competition judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts.

Guided Pathways to Success Videos for Virtual Events

PCCC needed to present its newly developed Guided Pathways to Success program. The goal was to build videos focused on their updated academic departments, aligned to new Guided Pathways. These marketing messages were to be presented at both in-person and virtual Open House events. Our mission was to create marketing assets with a long shelf-life, designed quickly, and on a budget.

Website Launch: Redrock Entertainment

As you can imagine, building a website design that fits the standards and imagination of Redrock was no small feat. We were inspired to show their team’s passion and work in a unique way. We created a website filled with energy and excitement that shows off the capabilities of the company and how they deliver ideas from a blank sheet of paper to a fully developed concept.

Badger Receives a Clutch Award for Outstanding Web Design Services in New Jersey

BADGER is proud to receive a special award from Clutch and become a leading web design company in New Jersey.

Student Retention Marketing

This article talks about the challenges and opportunities of retaining students.

The Increasing Importance of Web Accessibility

Is your website accessible to visitors with impairments?

How to Best Prepare for CPRA Compliance and User Privacy

It’s essential for your organization to understand CCPA and the upcoming CPRA privacy laws and make sure your website is fully compliant. The CCPA and the updated CPRA act concern all businesses that collect, analyze, or store data from California residents.

AP Content Services: Website Launch

We are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to work on this exciting project.

It was a bit of a challenge to execute AP’s specific print rules and style guidelines into an interactive experience while maintaining a responsive and dynamic layout for various screen sizes, but we are proud to share the results of our work.

Badger’s New Director of Digital Marketing Discusses Automation and Growth Strategies

Smart automation processes can make sales jobs easier and increase revenues. It takes time and patience to put the logic in place, but when ready, the business workflow and lead generation become fast and efficient.

Don’t Use Your Website RBadger To Solve A MarTech Decision

The truth is that a genuine website is the building block of personalization. Creating a tailored user experience starts with an engaging and informative space that meets the needs of your customers and shows off your brand in the best possible light.

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